This story is the result of several past pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient spiritual trek across northern Spain, prior to any interest in photography, and then walking the Camino Primitivo and Camino Frances again as a photographer. The Camino is a special place, a spiritual trek, both more solitary and contemplative, yet at the same time, social ...

At The Doors Of Europe Photos by Maria Contreras Coll Text by Gonçalo Fonseca “It was midday, my sister was cooking in our apartment in Rabat. My mother had taken my sick grandma to the hospital. My father was out, working. I was alone in my room. So I just took my things and left without […]

50 YEARS AFTER THE NUCLEAR DISASTER The 17th of january of 1966 a B-52 with four nuclear bombs made refueling maneuvers on Spanish soil, colliding with the tanker aircraft was an explosion and the aircrafts were disintegrated, three bombs fell on the ground and one in the sea, fuel and fuselage also scattered around the area. […]
architecture, AB House, built architecture, Barcelona, Spain

Studio: built architecture Architects: Diana Carbonell, Jaime Batlle, Victor Alavedra Team: Ignacio Arizu, Jennifer Álvarez All photos by © Eugeni Pons   An historic building, an apartment suspended in time, the architecture that brings it back to life and drags it into a new dimension. A perfect setting, an extraordinary background to life flowing, to poetry […]

We interviewed a new young photographer from Spain: Jesús Alcalá. He define himself as an amateur photographer living in Extremadura, Spain. He was born in 1995 and he shoots with a 35mm camera. Jesús usually takes photos about his life. When did you start to think about photography? I started to take photos two years […]

Ocean, nature and respect are just few words to describe what surfing means. Surfing is not just dropping random waves and jumping on the board. Surfing means spending hours and hours sitting on the rocks just to understand how the sea is working, where waves crashes and where and how the tide is running out. […]

Edited by Odeta Catana, Photo Editor Amanda Cots Can you present yourself in a few words? My name is Amanda Cots and I live in Valencia (Spain).I am studying mass media at University of Valencia.

Photos by Iker Etxebarria A man walking in front of a mural depicting the Picasso’s Guernica in the Basque town of the same name. An artwork about the horror of war and the suffering it creates. A suffering that has not stopped growing in the Basque Country since the bombing of Gernika. Every conflict has […]