Ocean, nature and respect are just few words to describe what surfing means.

Surfing is not just dropping random waves and jumping on the board. Surfing means spending hours and hours sitting on the rocks just to understand how the sea is working, where waves crashes and where and how the tide is running out. Surf is training the mind and the body at the same time. But one of the most important thing that surf teach is the respect: respect for what is around you, for nature and first of all for the other surfers, you can’t drop the wave that a local want to take. Outside the water, surfers are all friends, but when you’re inside, among waves, you’re alone with your feelings, thoughts, bravery and your 2 hours of fun.

Photos taken by Tobia Piatto in Lanzarote, Spain.

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Tobia Piatto, born in 1989 in Venice, has started taking photographs about the underground world of skateboarding in 2007, making of his biggest passion a work. He has started working for POSI+TIVE magazine in 2010, writing for photography, fashion and culture departments.

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