This is a story about love. The backside of it. The hard part of closeness, trust and acceptance. This is a story about how vulnerable we are when we expose ourselves to another human being.

How fragile we are. And how little it takes for us to lose ourselfes in the intoxination of love. But is also revolses around the longing for someone who enlighten you for all that you are and love you unconditionally.


This is a work about the difficulties to love and to be loved – to completely comit youself and the risks involved.

This work is about the boulevard of broken dreams. About people more or less living in the borderland between hope and despair. While waiting for another person to come and save them from a fate they themselves have not chosen.

Our deficiencies permeates the way we live. But what I think pervades my work is a longing. That heartfelt desire for someone to love, simply. There may be people who have lost everything – or lost something they have never actually had. People who have been let down so many times that they lost hope that someone will come their way. They may not have the courage to let anyone in again – they are too afraid to be betrayed – again.jannis_tordheim_positive_magazine_43

And that universal fear to end up in loneliness, may force these people to end up in destructive patterns again. Simply because that fear of being alone is so deeply intrusive suffocating that they can not handle it.

It is thus a work of light and a healing. The light between the clouds of sorrow and the healing heart after a heavy destiny.


About the author:
Jannis Tordheim
graduated from Fatamorgana, Copenhagen (DK) in 2014 with the series ”Stockholm Love Stories”. Since then he has become a member of Atonal Collective which consists of five photographers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Polen. He is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2012 Tordheim studied at Berghs School of Photography in Stockholm (SWE). During the past years Tordheim works has been exhibited in Sweden, Finland, Greece and Italy. In 2015 Tordheim had his first two solo exhibitions; ”The Clouds of Sorrow” and ”Closing”.

Tordheim works mostly revolves around questions as togetherness/loneliness, sorrow, longing, desire and sex.  In 2016 Tordheim will participate with Atonal in an exhibition in Rome, Italy.


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