On his journeys through south America, Pascal Cabitza captured the surreal desert landscapes of Bolivia and the life of its inhabitants. At an altitude of more than 3500 meters where agriculture is nearly impossible, drinking water is a rare commodity and with possible temperatures of twenty degrees below zero, some could say life is rugged.

Around Uyuni, the area is dusty and sparse although it contains one of earth’s biggest mineral deposits. It’s even more astonishing to see how the people there have adjusted to these rough environmental circumstances. Off the touristic paths there is normal life going on. School children playing, football games between two villages and teenagers chatting to each other. The photographer tries to capture the minimalistic beauty of this area and the people. The blue sky and the clear desert grounds support the simple and focused series of the surreal Bolivian desert landscapes.

About the author:
Pascal Cabitza was born 1989 and is working and living in Berlin, Germany.

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