Federico Aimar

Visions of collapsing memories is the latest work of Italian photographer Federico Aimar. It's an exploration of the mountain and the times when it was populated by people, not only ruins.

Starting on the 9th November until the 23rd December, at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris, Amélie Labourdette will debut with her first solo exhibition, Empire of Dust.

For the fourth time, The International Landscape Photographer of the Year has opened the selections and it's now possible to submit your works until the 12th of November, or until the 19th at most.

Podlasie region in Eastern Poland has for long been considered very traditional part of the country, with small towns and villages dotting mostly rural landscape, where farming communities and small-scale industry provide jobs and stability.

On his journeys through south America, Pascal Cabitza captured the surreal desert landscapes of Bolivia and the life of its inhabitants. At an altitude of more than 3500 meters where agriculture is nearly impossible, drinking water is a rare commodity and with possible temperatures of twenty degrees below zero, some could say life is rugged. […]

Horizon: The passage is blocked; between us and nature it is always interposes something. What’s behind these structures? What are for us? They seem to be lifeless, empty containers without no one. Concrete ghost blocks ghost in stasis, they apparently are waiting for the return of someone. For ours eyes are now only a hindrance, an abandonment […]

Alpine passes are key places in the understanding of mountainous territory, they pass between two valleys and maintain the surprise about the landscapes that we hide. Since 2012, Arnaud bring attention to altitude alpine passes. His approach identifies a topographic work through the photographic medium. Alpine passes help him to identify the different aspects of […]

E poi verrà la Nebbia. by Franco Monari This series of photographs is born from his need to grant him some moments in which get out and explore the landscape in solitude for a few hours. Without a planned route nor a clear destination, but with the only need for isolation and taking pictures, Monari […]

This project, realized between april and june of 2015 across many chinese big cities, try to catch the landscape mutation in China. Since the 2000s, China has created a real estate bubble to encourage growth, using as concrete in 3 years as the USA in 100 years (Vaclav Smil study). Entire districts are built in […]

In the series Unearth, Luca Marziale studied landscapes. He aims to capture rich textures, patterns and colours patiently waiting for the subtle moment when the soft lighting or harsh contrast defines the space, giving the images a sense of timeless solitude. He seeks to find overlooked moments, personal spaces that can define a state of […]