E poi verrà la Nebbia. by Franco Monari

This series of photographs is born from his need to grant him some moments in which get out and explore the landscape in solitude for a few hours. Without a planned route nor a clear destination, but with the only need for isolation and taking pictures, Monari always returns to the same places over and over again by establishing a special relationship with them like a personal microcosm. The exploration and the relationship between place and memory become fundamental elements in the formation of a personal identity.

The explored landscape is where he was born, grew up and in which he lives: a part of Padan Plain’s that extends from the countryside of “la bassa” (low plain) to the right banks of the River Po. In order to describe the different areas of land apart, Monari has adopted a distinctive look for each one: in the countryside he used a yellow sunset filters and so closer he get to the river, much the photos turn to a red and green color dominant.

About the author:
Franco Monari was born in Italy in 1981 where he currently lives and works. In his work Monari deals with questions concerning time passing and memory, and also questions about the relation between past and present. Monari uses several mediums, such as photography, painting and sculture, also mixing them. His work has received several awards and he has partecipated in several exhibitions in private galleries and public cultural associations in Italy and abroad.

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