In the series Unearth, Luca Marziale studied landscapes. He aims to capture rich textures, patterns and colours patiently waiting for the subtle moment when the soft lighting or harsh contrast defines the space, giving the images a sense of timeless solitude. He seeks to find overlooked moments, personal spaces that can define a state of natural rapture. Landscape as a tribute to a world that too often eludes us.

He followed along from his previous body of work shot in Iceland, exploring extreme landscapes. He’s attracted to harsh environments and Yellowstone in winter at -35° below, certainly tested my endurance. Photographing in one of the most isolated regions in North America, He was fascinated by the tension between the frozen landscape and the fiery geothermal activity below. This series attempts to captures images that are the result of the conflict between these colliding forces which make this landscape unique.

In some other images in the series he blurred the lines between reality and abstraction. Free from points of reference, the viewer is left focusing on the composition and texture of the work, unbiased in his observation. The absence of scale and obvious subject matter in the works is deliberate, allowing space for further interpretation. Abstraction from time and place depicts images of untouched and solitary beauty, providing a commentary on the tension within our continually threatened natural environment and the endurance of earth’s primitive landscapes.

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Luca Marziale, born in Lugano, Switzerland, graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He is a medium format landscape photographer who captures the relentless shaping of the natural world through time, erosion, life and death. He has recently exhibited at SCOPE Art Basel and Miami Beach, along with a show last month in London with The Other Art Fair.

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