Alpine passes are key places in the understanding of mountainous territory, they pass between two valleys and maintain the surprise about the landscapes that we hide. Since 2012, Arnaud bring attention to altitude alpine passes.

His approach identifies a topographic work through the photographic medium. Alpine passes help him to identify the different aspects of the mountain: climatic, natural, human and cultural. It is through these features which he established the basis of his work. Forced passage in the last century, however today they all not experienced the same evolution, abandoned for some, famous places for others, turning into ski resort in winter, in the heart of strategic and economic issues. They now reflect a great disparity, which is also observed throughout the French territory. The alpine passes allow us to analyze on a small surface how man uses his territory.

About the author:
Arnaud Teicher was born in 1985. He lives and works in south of France.
He graduate from graphic design, but spends time between his work as a graphic designer and his passion for photography.

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