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Susan Anderson lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where she has worked as an Art Director for the advertising agency Story for the past 8 years. She grew up in the north east of England, one of 5 children. Her interest in art came at the age of 6. She drew a picture of the view outside her bedroom window. The picture was entered into a competition and won. The gloves were off. From then on in it was 30 felt tips every time she lost a tooth and 100 felt tips at birthdays. Her love of photography has developed quietly over the last 5 years into something of an obsession. She’s the proud owner of 9 cameras ranging from old school film cameras to a digital SLR. Self taught she admits she’s still learning and wouldn’t have it any other way, “I’d hate to know everything. I still get excited when I twist a polarizer and it changes what I see”. She admits that working in advertising has allowed her to work alongside very talented people who constantly influence and inspire. And it’s not just people, Susan is the first to admit that the Scottish landscape influences her work tremendously “I often get emails from photographers asking me how I get the look and feel for my shots, whether I’m shooting a landscape or people. And I tell them it’s not really me, it’s Scotland. It’s just looks like that here. I’m very lucky.”













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