Nikita Yarutskiy

Interview with…
Name- Nikita Yarutskiy aka Vilkin
Country – Russia
City – Saint Petersburg
Age – 23

1) What does it mean for you streetphotography?
– Firstly I like street culture very much, cause I’m working on some web sites in the fields of street life, sneakers and extreme. Secondly in school and university my friends and I were drawing graffiti in the streets of Saint-Pete. Lastly I love to shoot my life, some lil trips, some funny situations, beautiful places and sunshine of course.

2) A lot of your photos are taken not with digital cameras. You think that the film has got another taste?
– Yes, I like to take photos by a film camera. It’s more interesting and difficult, then by digital ones. I like some light leaks, grain on pictures – it’s dope as fuck!

3) Your photos are describing your country: can you tell us what feelings you wanted to comunicate us with your style?
– I think my photography is pretty simple, I’m just shootin life of my homies, extreme pics and some other shit. I’m trying to shoot some interesting compositions, work with light and sunshine.

4) Some of your photos are describing the skatelife. What relationship there is for you between skaters and photography?
– Skateboarding looks great on pictures. I love to skate, and that’s why I like to freeze moments with tricks and lifestyle of skaters, it looks great if you know what it is.

5) What’s the photo that you didn’t do and you are waiting to shoot?
– Oooh, in my mind I can find a lot of pictures which I want to take, but can’t do this now. I really like dirty scenes with pretty girls, animals, cars, great places and anything else… I’ll take them soon. Now I’m really busy with my work)





wiew more of Nikita here:
or flickr

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