We have interviewed Sara Zanella a young and very talented Italian photographer based in Copenhagen on her project The Way Home Russia.

Ekaterina’s work focused on her early childhood memories from her hometown - Lipetsk, Russia. She moved with her family to Israel when she was 10 years old. It took time for her to adapt to a new country and to study a new language, and yet she never felt that she belongs there.

This serie of mobile photos “I Love Summer in Russia” was realized in Saratov. The author wanted to share those moments which bring her joy. Each photograph is a part of a summer story. This series of photos help us to keep the decisive moments. In the latter case, the successful shot is of great […]

The land of Baikal region in Russia has always been sacred for the local indigenous peoples – buryats. And shamans who could talk to local gods were revered as a hereditary caste of the chosen. After 70 years of stagnation the religious faith of their ancestors began to revive.  

Stas Sumenkov, was born 27 years ago and he lives in Russia in the Urals, in the city of Yekaterinburg, not far from Siberia. He has been fashion designer for already five years. He likes to create things, because it helps him to express his observations of people and of what happens in everyday life. […]

“Five performances” the project from 2014 for youngs actors and directors from Barnaul, Russia. In the series photos from rehearsal “Two doors” and  “Counterbass”. On the stage of the theatre workshop ”Tseh” — in Barnaul, Russia — in 2014 was held the project “Five performances”. Some rehearsals I decided to shoot on film. It was […]

For Alex Kruchkovsky photography becomes an exploration of the city. He is interested in hidden, not festive places of the city, a border zone. Places where tourists don’t go on excursion. However, apart from the places themselves he is trying to capture atmosphere of space and time. Eventually, he is interested in places where one […]
Dmitry Karelin

For our daily interview we have found a true russian photographer, Dmitriy Karelin (24 years old). He was born in Siberia and now lives in S.Petersburg. Six months ago he quit his office related job and he started focusing on photography, video and vocal training. When did you start to think about photography? Actually I started […]

This project is about an elderly woman from Russia affected by cancer. For several years she had been struggling her disease. She received treatment in hospitals, got several courses of chemotherapy, went to church, visited witchdoctors, used folk cures. She tried everything and believed in her recovery. But then came the moment when she gave […]

“I never dance. Ever. I don’t know why. It’s always seemed like something unnatural. Among the dancing people I feel hidden behind the wall – emotionally, psychologically, physically – as a volunteer, as an observer.  As long as you are not involved in the dance, you can never understand or feel it. They say so. […]