Stas Sumenkov, was born 27 years ago and he lives in Russia in the Urals, in the city of Yekaterinburg, not far from Siberia. He has been fashion designer for already five years.

He likes to create things, because it helps him to express his observations of people and of what happens in everyday life. In his collection he tried to represent his vision of what fashion design is today in Russia. He drawn his inspiration from images of ordinary people who can be seen on the streets, in transport, in shops in any city of our country.

He shot his collections, because the photo reflects the designer’s point of view of the apparel and makes it more valuable.
Normally he takes photos for his own purposes and later browsing through them sometimes he finds interesting details and all of this is reflected in the apparel.

He tries not to limit himself to a single aspect. He got inspired by military wear and sportswear, as well as different silly images and things incongruous with each other. I likes different sorts of online humour about Russia and Russians.

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