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Tamara Jiménez Posada just graduated for Lifestyle & Design at the art academy in Rotterdam, Holland. For her final photo shoot she did research for the ideals of beauty in different cultures. What is the perfection in beauty? And who makes this decision?

Miriam Reikerstorfer is a fashion student at the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag. Originally she is from Austria where she also followed a fashion education.

Liselotte Fleur loves to have interesting and different people in front of her camera, that's why she photographed 5 androgynous models in a vulnerable way. Now it's all about the human in general, not about the gender.

Lilach’s show was really girly and colorful. The colors she used the most were yellow, pink and baby blue. It reminded me a little bit to my dolls from long ago, and a little bit to ballet.

The show from Barbara started with models running towards the front of the catwalk. We saw skirts with a nacre gloss and colors as ochre and crème white. The trousers and the blouses were designed with an elastic band at the bottom. In short, it was an amusing show to look at.

Brian’s men collection was a nice mix of a sportive collection and shiny fabrics. He created high waisted trousers and orange prints. We also liked the woolen coats with the waistband.

he show from Tata was not a collection that we see daily, but it was absolutely a cheerful, colorful, creative and striking show. We adored the neon colors in her creations, beside the blue, yellow and orange colors.

he collection from the Italian designer Glenda contained mainly grey, dark blue, taupe and crème white colors with some woolen garments. She created wide trousers, leggings with a nice print and was not afraid to show some skin in her collection.

We always like to see the person behind a collection, so we photographed all designers with 1 of their models at Fashionclash day 2.

Ivana Pilja created a show that was mysterious with a scary twist. The show started with the sound of a plague of bugs. After that we saw models in black creations with fabrics in ‘poisonous’ colors like green and purple. All the models were wearing black headpieces and black little mouth masks. Her collection had […]