Designer Miriam Reikerstorfer

Miriam Reikerstorfer is a fashion student at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague in Holland. Originally she is from Austria where she also followed a fashion education. After her education in Austria she decided to broaden her horizon and move to another country to study.
This year she will start with her final year to graduate with a Bachelor degree.

At the moment she is working at Anne Sofie Madsen as an intern in Copenhagen. For her collections she is taking her inspiration from her daily life , emotions, experiences and the world that is surrounding her. She always has been fascinated of the duality of the dark and bright side that is united in everyone.

The theme of her last collection is ” Harte Schale weicher Kern” (hard from the outside soft from the inside). “I wanted to show that people are tending to prejudice other people from the first sight. That there is more to explore under the surface and that not everyone is how it may seem from the first impression.”


photography | Liselotte Fleur
clothing design | Miriam Reikerstorfer
make-up and hair | Angelle van Doorn
models | Esmee & Anne @ Fresh Model Management


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