Fashionclash – The faces behind the collections

We always like to see the person behind a collection, so we photographed all designers with 1 of their models at Fashionclash day 2!

Edited by Liselotte Fleur & Elseline ten Hope


Tata Christiane

Brian Geradts


Mirte Engelhard & Nikki Giling


Hao-Ni Tsai


Barbara Langendijk


Josine Heuts


Jonathan Christopher


Hsin Fang Lee


Joshua Enker


Ivana Pilja


Glenda Lagomarsino


Hyerim Hong


Natalie de Koning


Agnieszka Natasza Splewinska


Branko Popovic


Nawie Kuiper


Aleksandra Lalic


Pierre-Antoinne Vettorello


Lucia Cabanova


Lilach Eliyahu


Mylene van de Sande


Femke Agema


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