Anastasiya Komarova

Styling: Kseniya Berezovskaya
Photographer: Danil Golovkin
Article: by Axel Heilenkötter

Anastasiya Komarova introduces a whole new leather working process and it’s all about clutches. The Russian designer’s intricate and delicate way of working with the leather demonstrates her artistic craftsmanship, as she is ready to give the perfect complement or focus point to even the simplest of looks. Komarova’s collection is for those who are inspired to dress up a subtle outfit with unique accessories.

The different textures of every clutch are so well executed that it seems that the leather has melted into cubes, chains, spheres and crosses resulting in a perfect finish. Some shapes are like beautiful results after a long day working play dough and some others remember of a delicious chocolate tablet. Komarova’s work mixes pleats, flat colours, simple lines and precise three-dimensional shapes to bring an architectural and futuristic twist to hand bags, delicious pieces that make you want to grab a clutch and hold on to it (the whole night)

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