Skin colours in fashion

Tamara Jiménez Posada just graduated for Lifestyle & Design at the art academy in Rotterdam, Holland. For her final photo shoot she did research for the ideals of beauty in different cultures. What is the perfection in beauty? And who makes this decision?

“At the end everybody is beautiful how they are, and people don’t need to step into plastic surgery. We are going back to the purity of beauty. I decided to use skin colours for the styling, to create a second skin. In the fashion world we call this nude, a colour that is made for the light skin tones. For a dark skin we don’t call it nude anymore, it’s called brown, chocolate or caramel. This is because people always use light colours when they refer to the therm nude. But I want people to see that we can use the therm nude for all skin colors. I think the media needs to call it: Insert Colour Of Skin Here.”

photography | Liselotte Fleur
styling & mua | Tamara Jiménez Posada
models | Paulette @ Anka Models & Shanti @ Euromodel

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