“Things correlate”
This series is a small token used in transparently correlating parallel universes, with the latter being overstuffed with floating memorabilia.

Originally a painter, Fili treats all the pictures she encounter out there, products of photography or not, as paintings. Naturally, she shoots through this very perspective, given that she considers photography to be an extension of painting. In this case, two overlapping film reels are being scanned concurrently in order to formally and literally extend the synaesthesia-derived psychological connection found between the afore-used visual material. Thus, pictures are naturally combined, their colors and shapes mix effortlessly, any given intentions are no longer submerged.

Living in the flaming center of austerity-struck Greece and coping with the final stage of a grieving process, Fili watches a culturally (and otherwise) declining Western world going down the drain, in which we ‘re all doomed to die struggling; strangely and miraculously, the current political status quo and agendas will rather lead on ruining people’s lives all over the globe. This series is a by-product -one of less determinism, too- of these thoughts and of my aforementioned inclination towards the procedure of making an image.

These pictures do not function as a cautionary tale, though. No need to build ethics here. On the contrary, this is a bitter tale; things could be different, alternate worlds correlate, beauty simultaneously combined with any sense of suffering and anguish. One can be here and there, but you can never escape the ordeals of this world. One can make things easier, but rarely more just.

In respect of this, one can attempt a healing process of some sort; pictures could function as a painkiller of a mind in constant ache; not always a sufficient one, but rather one that leaves the human soul, for whatever it entails, intact.

About the author:
Fill Olsefski was born in Łódź, Poland in 1986. Resides in Athens, Greece. Studying painting in AUTH Fine Arts School. Been published by ASU, Oitsarisme’s SubmissionMonday, Art y Bar y, yishuzs.com. Co-cinematographer in Blind Crossing*.

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