La Memoria Del Viento


La Memoria Del Viento is about a place hidden at the end of the world. The south of Chile and Argentina is better known as Patagonia. The last stop for us, as human being. We walked over 50.000 years from Africa to reach the fjords and glaciers in the west and the pampas in the east. It is the ultimate landscape of the mind. Where nature still dictates being human and its immensity never can be dominated. An untouched wilderness, where glaciers drop straight in the ocean, where the wind never stops howling.

The people who live in these parts are isolated from the rest of south America and over centuries grew there own identity, they have a distinctive culture of herding cattle as gauchos or spending days on rough seas fishing. They are trying to hold on to their traditions that are part of there existence and are slowly disappearing.

Many times I have been welcomed in small farm houses to share a warm drink around a stove or gauchos took me into the mountains to show puma trails. This place has left a big impression on me, as it is an antipode of Belgium, one of the most populated regions in the world. These photos where taken while spending a year traveling and working in Patagonia.

About the author:
Jan De Roos, (32 years old) is working as a freelance photographer in Ghent, Belgium. After his studies social work he started traveling for long periods to Australia and South-America. While traveling his passion for photography grew bigger decided to follow classes at night after work to evolve as a photographer.  His work has been featured online on Fubiz, Ladera Sur, Cabin Porn and Mundo Flaneur.

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