From October 10 to 20 the Belgian city Gent will host the 44th edition of its Film Fest. On the 21st September took place the program release, announcing the full line-up of the festival.

Westhoek, the northern part of French Flanders, is a scarred land. Its singular geography has been fashioned by its rurality, its industrial past and the scars of wars.

La Memoria Del Viento is about a place hidden at the end of the world. The south of Chile and Argentina is better known as Patagonia. The last stop for us, as human being. We walked over 50.000 years from Africa to reach the fjords and glaciers in the west and the pampas in the […]

This project started with one LED-display at Ladeuzeplein in Leuven. I have to pass this display every evening and I think it is so absurd that it is able to lid ¼th of the square. This particular commercial display is only one of the many light installations in Belgium, which partially makes that our country […]

The Belgian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale presents the work of the Belgian artist Vincent Meessen, together with international guest artists. The artist’s project moves away from the traditional format of a solo show and opens up the Pavilion to include multiple positions and voices. The title, Personne et les autres, is borrowed from […]

Where do you come from? I grew up nearby Bruges, Belgium. Tell us a bit more about your self. I am soon turning twenty-two. I would say that I have a quite poetic way of seeing the world around me. I like to sublimate things and I believe that beauty can be authentic too. There […]