15 years later, Ekaterina going back to Lipetsk, to visit family and friends that were left behind. The encounter with her family brought old memories to her mind and she developed them to images. Ekaterina going back to the places she used to play when she was a little child. She’s directing scenes with kinds that she meets during her journey to become a part of her own story. She asks from her family to take her to the places that she used to visit as a little girl. Each place brings a different point of view on Ekaterina’s childhood. She’s trying to represent childhood as something unclear and maybe traumatic because all of the changes she went through as a kid. Ekaterina wonders about her identity, mixed identity of a Russian girl which turned into Israeli girl. With the help of the little kids portrait she manages to express her feelings.

About the author:
Ekaterina Bourindine was born in 1990, Lipetsk, Russia. She moved to Israel with her family when she was at the age of 10. Graduated at Hadassah Academic College at the Photographic Communications department. Lives and works as a freelance photographer in Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Israel. Ekaterina focused on documentary and conceptual photography. She works with artists, singers and music producers from Israel.

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