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Graduated in Art & Management and now tirelessly studying Visual Arts. Started as a music journalist and now unfailingly tries to write about everything that catches her insatiable interest.

Humans of Naples it the project of Vincenzo Noletto, a Neapolitan photographer willing to fight prejudices.

From the 20th of March to the 18th of August the striking images of award-winning photoreporter Letizia Battaglia will be exhibited at Casa Tre Oci, Venice

From February the 22nd to April the 28th check out Alex Majoli's exhibition at LE BAL: his work explores and question photojournalism itself.

Bernardo Bertolucci silently passed away in his Roman house in Trastevere after a long disease.

In the green splendour of Lombardia rises Lodi, a small city founded by Frederick Barbarossa almost nine centuries ago. In the past days the small town, far from the urban rolling swarm of its county seat, has been on the main pages of many international magazines due to a recent and extremely controversial policy. Parents […]

Vanessa Redgrave will be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 75th edition of Biennale del Cinema, yet her interview in the conference room focused on immigration and her childhood years. Recently she directed a documentary, Sea Sorrow, trying to shake people’s consciousness on the painful theme of refugees. Sadly she reported how limited […]

Rankin is the author of a beautiful campaign willing to celebrate the people behind one of the largest humanitarian responses experienced by the Red Cross in its 148 year history.
Gallery 1957

The European Art panorama does not do justice to the extended and multi-coloured African artistic scenery. Big cities host every day new aesthetic concepts, Gallery 1957 is a great example of such tendency: opened on the 6th of March of 2016 and located in Accra, the gallery has already presented various exhibitions. Founded by Marwan […]

The Rescued Film Project is an online archive gallery of images that were captured on film between the 1930's and late 1990's. Each image in this archive was rescued from found film from locations all over the world.

Berlinale Talents is an initiative that every year bring together more than 250 young film-industry talents, their names and this year theme have been announced.