From February 22 to April 28, 2019, LE BAL presents Alex Majoli – SCENE.

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«If the world is expecting to be photographed, it exists in a perpetual state of potential theatre.»


For eight years, Alex Majoli has been capturing moments which sight challenges one’s belief.
His camera travelled with him across Europe, Asia, Brazil and Congo: together they have entered different worlds where humanitarian emergencies and political emergencies occur daily and serenity is a rare flower. What holds all these disparate images together? The quality of the light, infusing every gesture, every glance. There is grace in life’s brutality. There is a sense of communion and theatricality in everyday nature.
[quote_box name=””]«A sense that we are all actors attempting, failing and resisting the playing of parts that history and circumstance demand; and a sense that we are all interconnected. Somehow.»[/quote_box]
Inde, 2015, Scene #2233 © Alex Majoli / Magnum PhotosVillage de Tulas, district de Sindhuburg.République du Congo, 2013, Scene #5370 © Alex Majoli / Magnum PhotosRassemblement des élus locaux à Pointe Noire

His way of photographing stretch the codes of photojournalism, questioning them, exploring the theatricality in the ordinary. His work tries to understand where the line between reality and representation lies. While most of Alex Majoli’s photographs were taken at daylight he decided to use flash and accessory lighting anyway: his protagonists are immpobilized in a second of their reality, aware of his presence, they are frozen in an almost Caravaggesque light that separates them from everything surrounding them.


[quote_box name=””]«Spaces appear as dimly lit stages and, regardless of the ambient light that exists, everything seems to be happening at the sunless end of the day.»[/quote_box]

Photojournalism carries a question mark, which contemplation leads to an interrogation of its truthfulness.

Inde, 2015, Scene #2233 © Alex Majoli / Magnum PhotosVillage de Tulas, district de Sindhuburg.

LE BAL has also invited six artists, among them choreographers, dancers, performers who will base their creations on an image: reflecting and analysing it they will be part of a first edition cycle called Watch and Act.

At the same time Corinne Rondeau, writer, reviewer and scholar will elaborate her reflection on the theme What is escaping from the light ? in two appointments. 
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