Forza Nuova: is fascism still a problem in Italy?

Is fascism still a problem in Italy? Thanks to the Northern League Party, at the moment indicated by all the polls as the first italian party, the Government is turning pretty far right. At this point now nothing is going to change anytime soon, as all the other parties are not able to improve their results.

One of the worst expression of modern fascism in Italy anyway it might be not the Northern League. Forza Nuova is a fascist party, and they are proud to be called fascist. The leader of this party is Roberto Fiore. He is a former criminal, which escaped from Italy to UK before his trial. If you try to find his name on Wikipedia, you will not find anything.

Probably he was able to block his biography, maybe because he was not proud about his past. Or maybe because he just want to hide his criminal records. There is an interesting article on the italian weekly “L’Espresso” about his dark past and the way he has been protected by the MI6 while he was in London avoiding the Italian justice.

Roberto Fiore

Yesterday night Roberto Fiore was in Mestre. He took part in a demonstration organized by Forza Nuova. They want to fight the “Nigerian Mafia” and also the communism. Yes, in 2019 there is still someone afraid by communist. Anyway, on their social media they tried to lie about how many of them attended at the demonstration.

In total not more than 100 people walked by night through the street of Mestre. Instead they tried to say they have been at least 200. An old game to play when you feel you are less than expected. A lot of police and carabinieri had to walk with them in order to protect their demonstration. At the end nothing happened.

Few weeks ago, In Marghera, a small group of Forza Nuova members have been involved in a fight with members of the “community center” Rivolta. At the end some of the far-right members had to run away as the guys from the community center (pretty left and pretty anti-fascist) didn’t seem to be happy to meet them around their neighborhood.

The feeling in the empty streets of Mestre was like an alien landed in town, with almost nobody on the streets. Just some people watching them like, “seriously?”, and some brave girls started shouting at them, sorrounded after few seconds by the Police, in order to avoid any contacts with the other side.

This demonstration was important just for Forza Nuova, showing that they can “walk” in Mestre and nobody, even the communist could stop them. But at the end they have been not so many, so it was like a boomerang.

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