The Crow by Alex Kruchkovsky


For Alex Kruchkovsky photography becomes an exploration of the city. He is interested in hidden, not festive places of the city, a border zone. He’s also interested in portraits of people in some strange places, known or unknown for them, like people exploring the city or their neighborhood, showing their lifestyle and the view of life.

His interest is places where tourists don’t go on excursions. However, apart from the places themselves he is trying to capture the atmosphere of space and time. Eventually, he is interested in places where one can feel the marginality of life itself. Urban oasis, where a city-dweller does not feel himself belonging to the city and its rules. To this extent a perfect photograph for him should bear an atmosphere that would resemble Andrey Tarkovsky’s film “Stalker”. An image becomes an imprint of inner meditation, whereas objects and their combinations in photographs are close to Marcel Duchamp’s philosophy of “ready-made”.

About the author:
Alex Kruchkovsky was born in 1987. He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia as a photographer. He graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University. He has been published by the Agave, Float, F-Stop, Positive, Stenogramma and Surat magazines. He shoots both film and digital.

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