Letter from the Founder:

When I first stepped in the publishing world in 2006, a young dreamer, Simone Sbarbati, offered me the possibility of collaborating with his website freshcut.it, where I would review upcoming online magazines in PDF format. They were pretty unknown in Italy, while abroad they were slowly rising and shining for their quality content. One day, after having written about hundreds of magazines, I decided to create a new online one: it was both for fun and to have an excuse not to study too much during my college years. Many years have passed since the publishing of the first issue of Positive Magazine, which was in 2007, and in this long adventure I met wonderful people: in particular my associates Marco Forlin and Livio Chiodega who – with reckless thrill and longing – started this journey with me. We learned a lot, we made mistakes and we understood how to build step by step a magazine that’s more and more dedicated to photography, design and architecture international scenario. Young creative minds everywhere face the problem of how to gain visibility for their works. We tried to give our readers quality articles: this has always been our only criterion. Many people from all over the world helped us over the years: this project wouldn’t have existed without them, and we owe them huge gratitude. This first printed issue is the result of 8 years of hard work, research, mistakes and everything in between, and it is summarized in these 128 pages.

To everybody who told us that nowadays to print a magazine makes no sense, that the world looks elsewhere (i.e. to the internet, the apps, etc.), we reply that making our dreams come true has no price, and that’s ours.

Giacomo Cosua.

From next week, Positive Magazine is out on the best bookshops around Europe, NYC and Australia. If you can’t find it, you can always buy on line from our website.

Photographs by Caterina de Zottis

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