Interview with… Jesús Alcalá

We interviewed a new young photographer from Spain: Jesús Alcalá. He define himself as an amateur photographer living in Extremadura, Spain. He was born in 1995 and he shoots with a 35mm camera. Jesús usually takes photos about his life.

When did you start to think about photography?
I started to take photos two years ago when I was given a reflex camera. although, in fact, I think i liked it more with analog photography then.


What does photography mean to you? and which kind of photography do you like more?
In my view, photography is the own way to understand the world. Each photographer shows what feel in a punctual moment and how this affect us. Photography is the art for shooting the daily beauty.According to the kind of photography I prefer, I love documentary photography, although I like fashion photography a lot too.

When you take a portrait, what is important for you?
For me, when I take a portrait, one of things which are important between others, is the spontaneity of this, in this way I find that the portrait was taken at unique and unrepeatable moment.


Do you think it’s important to follow a school to learn how to shoot?
In my opinion, going to a photography school to learn isn’t important when you can do it learning self-taught. So internet gives us many possibilities. On the other hand, in a photography school we can learn precise techniques and faster. Also, there we can know many people of this area.

What’s the photo you want to take and you never did?
I’d love taking a road trip around America or Australia where I’d take photo of their people and places.

What’s your photo-mission?
My photo mission is showing my own view of the world, showing the beauty of each moment and trigger for a reaction in the viewer.

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