Looking for A dream explores the true meaning of the American Dream, always suspended between desire and reality, illusion and disappointment, hope and success, between present and future. Living in America means living a suspended reality, sometimes far from the daily life you were used to coming from somewhere else in the world but deeply metaphorical and representative of our society.

Looking for A dream portraits American urban life with a sense of holiness an mystery. Urban scenes are elevated and become a representation of something beyond reality, a visual metaphor of the dream.

The project is on show at Public Store in Padova (Italy) until January, 26th and is made of 22 photos taken in New York during the last year. The exhibition is curated by Matteo Sartori, a Designer and Art Director working and living in Padova.

About the author:

Nicolò Bernardi is a Graphic Designer and Photographer, Nicolò lives in New York working as a Graphic Designer and has always experimented with photography. He is a contributor of Office Magazine.

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