Looking for A dream explores the true meaning of the American Dream, always suspended between desire and reality, illusion and disappointment, hope and success, between present and future. Living in America means living a suspended reality, sometimes far from the daily life you were used to coming from somewhere else in the world but deeply metaphorical […]

We have interviewed Tamara Stoll on her photography project Sonnenallee. A project on multiculturalism and community.

We met Charles Caesar in New York to discuss his work, the purpose of his photography and why film still matters. Interview and photography by Nicolò Bernardi

Just few days ago, Donald Trump won the presidential elections, and in january he will be the next 45th President of the United States of America.

Yesterday all around US took place a lot of demonstrations against Donald Trump. Massimo Mirilli took some photos for us at the demonostration. Looks like that in NYC didn’t like so much the results of the elections. We will keep you updated on new demonstrations around US.  

Hermes Pichon is a 24 old French photographer whom for as long as he can remember always loved beautiful images, and eventually started the photographic medium in order to try to create some of them. With a fixed focus wide angle, it is a curiosity of the world which leads him to his subjects, a […]

Our friend CATCH22 is Rapping from NYC – Brookyn, the video was shot on the rooftop of marcy ave, and we like it, real freestyle from one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Photo by: Nicolas Nikou Gerardin – courtesy Catch22 Catch22 contact: soundcloud/catch22otm

Photos by David Penner David Penner has published with F-Stop Magazine, Social Documentary.Net, and recently had his first solo show, Sacred Night, at the 1199 Bread and Roses Gallery in Midtown Manhattan. David is a member of ASMP, Aperture, and the Texas Photographic Society.

If there is one thing you have to do once in your lifetime, this is waiting for New Year’s Eve in Times Square, NY. I said once, just because after that you certainly will never spend new year’s eves in NY again. Hell seems to be a nicer place, I swear.