It looks like that NYC is not happy with D.J Trump as new president.

Just few days ago, Donald Trump won the presidential elections, and in january he will be the next 45th President of the United States of America.

[dropcap type=”1″]H[/dropcap]owever, just after the resoults, in many different Us States, thousand people have been protesting against the resoults, which has been a big surprise, probably also for the republican party. The NYT indicated just few days before the vote Hillary Clinton as next president, with the 91% of victory. Today as you might know, the story is very different. In New York, since the day after the elections demonstrations took place in Manhattan, pointing the Trump Tower on the 5th avenue. The Tower now is sorrounded by the Police, as it’s the temporary main office of the President Elected. The voices against Donald Trump in New York City indicated that the resoults at the moment has been not accepted yet, as you can see on the photos we have been taking in Manhattan yesterday on the latest demonstration. Donald Trump has been accused to be many different things, but mostly indicating him as the next “Adolph Hitler”, accusing him to be a fascist, a mysogenist, a racist. Despite all these accusation, the next President is now working on becoming the most powerful man in the world: 3.000.000 of illegal immigrants are facing now the possibilities to be kicked out of the country, as at least Trump said in his latest interview, indicating also that he’s going for real to build a wall between Us and Mexico, to avoid illegal immigrants in the country. I guess, we have just to see and wait to understand how America is going to react of a candidate which had to fight not just the democratic party, but also his own party, the GOP.

Watch Positive Magazine reportage about the elections in US

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