BRONX: vice Street into exile. A reportage from Colombia.

The Social Panorama of Latin America from 2012 to now (according to ECLAC analyzes) does not show great changes, maintaining a stagnant indicator in a high poverty level because it does not present favorable changes for the situation of each country.

Colombia is among the world’s poverty indicators ranked thirty-eight, Latin America is the eighth country with the greatest amount of poverty and despite the fact that in 2015 it showed a slight decrease in its indicators, the unemployment situation, the lack of opportunities For study, the poor health system and in general the economy of the country show at first sight a serious problem and levels of delinquency and extreme poverty. Culturally and historically in Bogotá are strategic points where there is a huge concentration of illegalities such as buying and selling articles obtained by common crime, drug and arms trafficking, trafficking in persons, prostitution of minors and all this is camouflaged by a giant Curtain of indigence and poverty. These places in Colombia are known as pots, one of them, perhaps the largest “The Bronx”.

In Bogotá (Colombia) an operation was carried out to end the most dangerous street in the city ( “El Bronx”), located next to the Basilica Minor of the National Vote, the Plazoleta de los Martires, behind the center Of Recruitment of the Army and to eight blocks of the place of Bolivar where they are the House of Nariño, the Palace of Justice and the National Capitol. After 1998 when it ended with “El Cartucho” (oldest old pot in Bogotá), most of its inhabitants concentrated on the dreaded “El Bronx” street, operating there for decades, the Bronx became the home of Street and the place where terrifying crimes happened and where it was marketed with weapons and even people. The mayor decided to intervene the place by making an operation with the police to exile its inhabitants and to disarticulate the concentration of inhabitants in the street “The Bronx”, after the operation approximately 3500 street inhabitants were evicted and more than 500 people were judicialized by crimes Such as illegal possession of weapons, drug trafficking and prostitution of minors, as a result there are overcrowding of street people in various parts of the city, causing riots and increasing crime in the city.

“The Bronx” is now a desolate place that holds myths and legends, a pot where atrocious things happened that will only be in the memory of its walls and of its inhabitants now condemned to exile. Colombia country without memory repeats and repeats errors, acts ceaselessly leaving terrible scars and moving problems instead of solving them, poverty and illegality will not cease to exist until the country’s economic situation does not change and only when culturally a child prefers to wield a pencil to write instead of wielding a knife to commit the so-called pots would cease to exist in this country.

About the author:
Ovidio Gonzalez Soler lives in Bogota (Colombia) was born in 1987 and works as a documentary photographer in Latin America. He is a Mechanical Designer of technological Salle school in Bogota [Colombia], makes his photographic training at the National University of Colombia, Documentary whint Oscar Castillo, intense documentary photography workshop with Federico Rios and participant of photographic camp 20 Photographers Mexico. Finalist in the 21 Latin American Contest Documentary Photography “Works and Days” in 2015, Won First Call Fotolibro GAF Latin American Photography Collective Space Finalist in Competition Documentary Photography AltoContraste Observatory of Racial Discrimination, Call winner Portfolio Review for photographic camp 20 Photographers Mexico. Senior couple Getty Images Latin America, Plano Brasil Agency and works for various local print media and documentary chronicling.

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