Venezuelans from different ages, and social conditions entering everyday to Colombia at the immi- gration crosse at the Simón Bolívar International Bridge. The neighbourhood of Villa del Rosario a Municipally of Cúcuta, Colombia was once a busy and free easy crossing point between Colombia and Venezuela.

Colombian living in Baltimore and DC, Katty Huertas' work explores female identity, double standards, animal rights, and many other subjects . She works in a variety of mediums that include painting, sculpture, fiber work and digital drawing and animation.

Colombia is going through one of the most important moments of its history, after almost 50 years of war a peace agreement between the government and the FARC is signed.

"Reborn in Concrete" documents the social complexity of a community of displaced people, which was benefited in a social housing project located in the center of the city of Bogotá.

ughes International Clinic, American Embassy in Colombia, United for Colombia and Cirec Foundation; took place the closing of a work week, where prosthesis Americans developed and made prosthesis delivery of 25 to 18 surviving beneficiaries of anti-personnel mines it is behind this initiative which aims to help those who have suffered Colombian armed conflict. Juancho […]

The Social Panorama of Latin America from 2012 to now (according to ECLAC analyzes) does not show great changes, maintaining a stagnant indicator in a high poverty level because it does not present favorable changes for the situation of each country.

Colombia has suffered the consequences of a Civil War for the last 52 years. During the last four years, members of the government and FARC guerrilla have been trying to negotiate a peace agreement that has stirred different emotions and reactions across the country. Finally, the FARC members are ready to work towards a very much-yearned state of peace and ...

La Guajira Desert is a vast, beautifully unaffected area in northeastern Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea. This region’s amenities are bare bones and unassuming, in a romantic kind of way. With tourism growing rapidly in the country, the area won’t remain like this for long. It is a fleeting glimpse into how things were and […]