GRANIZAL: hate and forgiveness.

Colombia is going through one of the most important moments of its history, after almost 50 years of war a peace agreement between the government and the FARC is signed.

This conflict left a giant footprint in the country stained with blood and pain. Approximately two hundred eighteen thousand people died from this war and 81% were innocent civilians. Medellín (Colombia) was one of the municipalities in critical condition in the country, the murders of innocents provoked migrations, the peasants abandoned their lands for fear of being killed. In the north east of Medellín (Colombia) are the communes one and two, popular places and well known by the population, characterized by being located in the mountainous part that surrounds the city. Further south, forty-five minutes by bus and an hour and a half walk, is home to twelve thousand people victims of forced displacement because of the FARC, this population came from the Urabá Antioqueño fleeing a wave of violence and a Barbarism that lived years ago in the Country.

It all started as a small village, the migrant peasants invaded the mountain and settled there, hoping to be in peace and to be able to take their families forward. It was a tough time, because being an illegal invasion the government tried to evict them several times from those lands using the public force. Today it is considered a village and it has twelve thousand inhabitants. The Vereda el Granizal carries within it the working spirit of Colombians who did not surrender and who despite the complicated circumstances of violence they had to go through and the hard road that they had to cross to reach Medellin settled and with hard work And constant came forth. This place is in constant progress thanks to the union of its inhabitants, but it still has many problems, the conditions of poverty are evident, the shortage of drinking water and light in the upper districts of the sidewalk generate in the community great risks, The access road to the path could not be worse, transportation is very little, only three buses go up the sidewalk a day and there is no medical care.

The Vereda el Granizal is a clear example of Postconflict in Colombia, its inhabitants long took hatred in the heart because they lived in their own flesh the war and barbarism of that time, lost their lands, loved ones but never lost hope, Now they have forgiveness in their hearts, they, like most Colombians, desire a country in peace. Don Lizardo, Doña Blanca, Don Luis Emilio, Donna Amanda and Don Gustavo are the testimony of overcoming a war that left much pain but now with the agreements leaves hope and forgiveness.

About the author:
Ovidio Gonzalez  is a Graphic Reporter formed from the School of Design and Graphic Arts, graduated from the Technological School Central Technical Institute La Salle and trained in the area of photography at the National University. He has specialized in Documentary Photography and his Personal Projects correspond to the theme of the social and political situation in Colombia. Has extensive experience with print and web media National and International.

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