“How To Shoot A Reportage” a Guide by Enzo dal Verme


“How To Shoot A Reportage”
Brutally practical tips and tricks in a new photography manual

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Milan/Paris-based photographer and writer Enzo Dal Verme (he has shot for Vanity Fair, l’Uomo Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia, Elle, Panorama, etc.) has decided to reveal some of his shooting tricks for an inside look at the world of reportages. His unique manual is now available to the general public.

What’s behind the power of a reportage? After spending over a decade traveling all around the world capturing the essence of moments with his camera, photographer Enzo Dal Verme felt it was time to reveal some tricks of the trade. The brand new manual covers a variety of topics designed to help photographers create impactful images with an eye to the publishing market. How do you spot a hot subject, find an appropriate angle for rendering
it and organize a very intense shooting trip? How do you line up the pictures taken day by day? How do you manage local contacts? What mistakes can be avoided? The photographer provides a wealth of tips on what and how to shoot, composition, light, post-production and everything needed to deliver your work as a pro.

Techniques such as Motion Blur, Panning, Slow Sync Flash, Exposure Bracketing and Fill Flash are explained. Sixty-eight pages of shooting strategies made clear in behind-the-scenes episodes, and each chapter is illustrated with photographs by Enzo himself.

The manual is designed to help pro photographers and inspire photography novices eager to learn how to get the most out of a shooting trip.“How To Shoot A Reportage” is a must for anyone who is serious about reportage photography.

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