Far From Heaven

postcards from Sardinia – pictures: Milena Fadda, Italy
Milena Fadda is a 35 years old photojournalist from Italy. She lives and works between Italy and UK.

Sometimes, some places are reputed to live in an eternal fairy tale. That’s the misreading with the thin line which separates perception from real life. Far from dreamy landscapes and elite tourism, Sardinia is facing the heaviest crisis in its history. Unemployment has reached its maximum rate between 2009 and 2013, with a quarter of the residents living in poverty. Hazardous industrialization and lack of sustainable policies have led to increasing environmental troubles. Through the years, many people have asked themselves which could be the very way to save the day for our resources and our people. We hope not to be so far from the solution.

The following portfolio focuses on Sardinia caught at the end of its industrial era. During the last 60 years, the second island in Mediterranean Sea, despite its vigorous natural environment, has built up the idea that we all can survive without depending on our territory. Now that the party seems to be over, and so many places lie in abandon, we ask to ourselves: is economic development worth the price we are paying?

old Sardinian woman portrayed with olive nets

lamb skin

memorial stone for war victims

shepherd in a fold

mud cracks after the flood occurred in Sardinia on November 2013

the jazz musician Paolo Fresu playing trumpet

abandoned theatre on the seashore


granite statues

shepherd feeding his flock

chasm in a mountain route

supporters of Sardinian political independence

the industrial town of Porto Torres

dairy barn

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