This photographic reportage is the outcome of a thirty days trip in Senegal, made in two different period of the year.


Everything is faced with a different point of view. At first an amazing discovery of a new culture made of people, landscapes and new costumes and then a desire to deeply understand this astonishing world. The witness of a particular kind of nostalgia for this country (a feeling named with the italian expression “mal d’Africa”) is the core of the entire sequence of pictures, that aim both the needs of keeping a non-typed diary and communicating and sharing the realities that seems so distant from ours. Two religions, Islam and christianity, bond together into the animism. The “teranga”. The hope represented by a pirogue. The unbreathable air filled with Dakar’s pollution. Eating from the same plate. The silence on the streets during the fighting matches. The wonder of seeing incredible places made by nature. The meeting between Talibè’s smiles. These are only a few of the things that make Senegal a perturbed Country, “an adjective that describes something repulsingly extraneous and attractively familiar at the same time”.

About the author:
The “Nuova Tecnica”s formula uses the photography as a form of self expression. The project was born by a group of friends, from the desire of sharing that became a need of connection with the outgroup to enlarge this family, so we can not withdraw into ourselves. “Nuova Tecnica” are two words easy to remember, to repeat and to adapt to any context. In photography this is a method based on the natural approach to the snap, without distinction of support or competence: an unusual eye. There’s always a “Nuova Tecnica” (in italian as “new technique”) to do things.

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