From the 2nd December to the 31st January will take place the 11th edition of Recontres de Bamako, curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi and focused on the new generation of African photographers and artists.

After the success in 2016, ART X Lagos has returned for a second edition from the 3rd to the 5th of November, fascinating more than 9000 visitors, for an even more successful year.

Christine, now 17-years-old, got married when she was 15 and lost her first child just three days after he was born, most likely due to an umbilical cord infection, when she was 16. She is now seven months pregnant and is also taking care of her three-year-old younger sister Mayron. Rose, 16-years-old, is currently breastfeeding […]

This photographic reportage is the outcome of a thirty days trip in Senegal, made in two different period of the year. Everything is faced with a different point of view. At first an amazing discovery of a new culture made of people, landscapes and new costumes and then a desire to deeply understand this astonishing […]

Here we are. We knew it would have arrived sooner or later and now the time is ripe: Corporate are trying to drag up some big money from this “climate changes” hysteria, so they’re pointing-their-pointed-eyes to the fastest growing economies of the third world. Why the third world? Because they’ve already taken the other two.

  Edited by: Enrico Mancini Where: Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire Architecture: Pierre Fakhoury Proofreading: Bianca Baroni You may not know that there’s a St. Peter Basilica replica in the middle of Ivory Coast. Technically it is not an exact-full scale copy of it, because it’s bigger and taller. Actually it is the world’s biggest church, according to the World Guinnes […]