Mogadishu, SOMALIA 24.05.2014 Soldiers stand guard outside Mogadishu's Parliament House during a terrorist attack by al-Shabaab militants. Rick Findler / Story Picture Agency

Rick Findler, a photographer and journalist based in London was invited to cover the Somaliland Independence Day celebrations in May last year. Whilst he was there he decided to fly into Mogadishu to spend time with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), a peace-keeping force operated by the African Union. Rick spent a week on the base and on missions with the AMISOM troops, documenting daily life in Mogadishu, and covering their ongoing battle with the Somalian Al-Qaeda group known as “Al-Shabaab”. For a different approach, Rick often put his Canon cameras down to pull out his iPhone to scan the scene using the panoramic feature – offering a unique and eye-catching set of images. The pictures range from a young boy fishing off the tidal rocks to an AMISOM mission to take back parliament after Al-Shabaab seized the building, which resulted in 31 deaths.

About the author:
Rick Findler is a photojournalist based in London, United Kingdom and works for Story Picture Agency. Ricks work mainly focusses on documenting conflict around the world which has taken him into countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and most recently Burundi. Whilst in the UK Rick covers live news events in London ranging from the General Election to Glastonbury Festival.

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