Why do animals have to pay the tall for every single whim people have?

By Toni Shavarsh, Freelance Jorurnalist

Why should animals suffer, be mercilessly killed, tortured, chased, anywhere and anytime? Why, why, why? Due to the low evolution of the human race whole species have disappeared but still we keep going in the wrong direction.


Man claims to be the most rational being on earth… However, killing a living thing, flaying its fur to put it on your neck simply out of vanity – this doesn’t seems very reasonable, nor is it primitive – this is sick … Unfortunately, most people are such. What a pity …


However, they do not realize that behind these trophies, which they proudly possess, hides all the horror of the slain animal. And that horror goes straight into them. This negative energy, which they take from dead animals, makes them blind to the obvious things: they are so engaged with themselves that they cannot see the pain they cause.


Some day people will realize their mistakes and will start to live in complete harmony with nature and animals. That day will come… I believe in it.


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