L'Inde au milliard de vies by David Schwebel


Photos by David Schwebel

A life into the water.
Pushkar, it has been raining during 15 hours, making a small flood. The water was running down to the holy lake situated underneath the village, and this man putting his head into the falls.

David Schwebel
Born on October 23, 1990 in Paris, France. He started photography, by shooting his parents with his father’s camera. He mostly photographs people in their daily life, trying to catch a bit of emotion in their banal gestures, but also working on creating his own photograph by directing his models and topics. He’s currently studying films at the university of Paris 8. His universe has been influenced by many different kinds of photographers, from Robert Doisneau to David Lachapelle passing through JR.

A life under the bin.
Rishikesh, certainly the most shocking photo I’ve ever captured, I couldn’t identify if this beggar was sleeping, or was dead.

Big muscles.

The three musketeers.
Haridwar, pilgrims from all over the country come to take a holy bath into the Gange river, the holiest of all rivers by Hindus and worshiped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism.

Washing machine on the Gange.
Rishikesh, old women washing their « saris », traditional clothing.

On the road.
Between Varanasi and Bodhgaya, man walking along the railway.

Down to the river.
Rishikesh, beggar with his whole house going down on the shore.

Open eye from the train.

Mother and sons. Udaipur.

Children games. Varanasi.

The frontdoor.
Bodhgaya, there’s not many help for old disabled people.

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