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If you have ever wondered what to do in London on Sunday morning, here’s the answer. The flower market in Columbia Road (Hackney) becomes to me the place to go.

Eventually springtime also arrived here in LDN. And at the first rays of light, Londoners got naked. Literally. Flip flops, tank tops and underwears everywhere, and suddendly the hormones go crazy.

So apparently I didn’t die in a fire in Washington DC I’m still alive and I moved directly from the US to London (LDN). Just the time to pack up again, two weeks in Milan and then get to LDN for another amazing adventure.

If there is one thing you have to do once in your lifetime, this is waiting for New Year’s Eve in Times Square, NY. I said once, just because after that you certainly will never spend new year’s eves in NY again. Hell seems to be a nicer place, I swear.

Why Thanksgiving is way better than Christmas

Washington is all about Obama, or at least in my neighborhood. I ended up living with 2 guys working for democratic party, I have met a lot of democratic employees and even 2 of my neighbor-friends work for the Obama administration. So, of course, my US experience is surrounded by a definitely more democratic view.