Broadway Market

Eventually springtime also arrived here in LDN.

And at the first rays of light, Londoners got naked. Literally.
Flip flops, tank tops and underwears everywhere, and suddendly the hormones go crazy.

Hipsterism at Broadway Market

Of course spring awakens hunger, but in my case just food hunger.
So I decided to spend the weekend wandering through food markets: Broadway market on Saturday and Flower market on Sunday.

Just because I’m too lazy to write reviews about those places, I will let Foursquare comments do the talking.

But, first of all, I really had to admit that London really is the muthafucking hipsterism’s world capital.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market

C B.
“Ruined by hipsters and fashionistas.”

Ryan S.
“Check out the amazing Persian food stall “Black Lime” for saffron chicken, stuffed dates, wraps, and lentil stew! Great colours and flavours!”

Personally tried, of course I spilled all the Mast a Labou (a red yogurt with Beets) all over my jeans and shirt. But then my outfit was totally hipster.

Mast a Labou Wrap

“Have to visit this place. A lot of tiny shops, Saturday market and some hipsters, too. – Well, trending part of town.”

Adam S.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a high concentration of hipsters in one place. It might have been interesting before the wank-invasion but now it’s a case of head-down and keep walking.”

tom m.
“Spend your time people watching and guessing what the next look for the skinny jeaned fixie riding idiots will be, I’m guessing donkey jacket era Dexy’s judging by today.”


In conclusion, nothing special here, but it’s okay if you are running out of ideas about what to do on a Saturday morning. And once there, remember to visit the saddest farm on earth: Hackney City Farm.

But at least you will find him, the cutest donkey in the world.

Hackney City Farm

Stay tuned for Flower Market…

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