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We were meaning to visit this café for ages! We first discovered it on the winter but unfortunately we didn’t go in. As we were around Neukölln, we finally got the chance to stop by Nathanja & Heinrich, a lovely café located in Weichselstrasse really close to Weserstrasse. 

Spacious, bright, antique furniture, raw walls, candles, flowers… nothing new or special regarding the usual style of the coffee shops in Berlin. But somehow, Nathanja & Heinrich have done it extremely warm and beautiful. You just don’t feel indifferent when you pass by it’s big opened windows, you feel attracted to go in, and once there, you don’t want to leave. They can friendly give you their wifi code so you can work or study from there, or simply just read a book or hang out with your friends.

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In their menu you can find nice teas and cafés for warming up in the cold days of winter or refreshing soft-drinks and juices for when it’s hot, as the day we went there.

You can notice from the menu that they have as well a large selection of alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails, beers, wines, long drinks… Yes, it’s good to know that it’s also opened at night. We definitely want to go. The atmosphere must be great!

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Nathanja & Heinrich it’s just one of those cafés that always stays in your mind. I’m sure we won’t forget the delightful afternoon that we spent there.

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Graffiti by Bartosz Matenko

Graffiti by Bartosz Matenko

Edited By Angel Leung- Editor from UK Photographer : Bartosz Matenko

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Interview with Lisa Smit

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