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Lisa Smit was born 21 years ago in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. At first sight you might think she’s studying Photography or anything related to Fine Arts, but to everyone’s surprise she’s actually into Medicine. In any case, her talent is obvious. She shoots both digital and analogue, but prefers the nostalgia that analogue brings. If you take a look at her work, you’ll perceive she likes to experiment. She shoots black and white photos, bright and colourful ones, some with light leaks,… All of them are wonderful, specially her self-portraits, which are amazing.

I had the chance to ask her some questions to get to know her work a little bit more.




What do you do in life?
Living to the fullest.

How did you get into photography?
I don’t know. I think that taking photographs is just one of those things I slowly got into.

Could you explain us what inspires you?
Oh, so incredibly much! Actually everything is. Life, people, the human body, nature, literature, cinematography and architecture are some of them.





Do you prefer analogue or digital photography? 
I like both, but I prefer analogue as it has this feeling of nostalgia and it’s always a surprise how your photos will turn out. It makes you think more about what you’re doing (lightning, colours, composition, etc.) as well.

Which cameras do you have? 
I own a tiny collection of old analogue cameras, of which some unfortunately have broken down. Nowadays I mostly shoot with my Olympus OM10 – my partner in crime.

Do you like to experiment and try new things when shooting? 
One should always experiment. It keeps you going. This doesn’t only apply to shooting, but to life as well. Huge or small experiments, it doesn’t matter – just try new things. That’s also why I sometimes accept jobs I wouldn’t have thought of taking in the first place.



What do you like the most about photography? 
It’s one of the best ways to collect your memories.

Could you tell us 3 photographers you like? 
Tough one. I enjoy seeing photos made by Lukasz Wierzbowski or by Lina Scheynius. And yes, I’m still stuck to Ryan McGinley’s work.

Which are your future plans?
In the near future I’ll travel to Australia for a research project as a part of my Medicine study, which is a dream coming true.






Flickr: Lisa Smit

Tumblr: Lisa Smit

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