[quote_box name=””]“The intellectual status of an anthropological space is ambiguous. This space is none other than the partially materialized idea that those who inhabit it form with regard to their relationship with their surroundings, their neighbors and others. This idea can be incomplete, it varies according to the place and point of view that each of us adopts.”
Marc Augé[/quote_box]

[dropcap type=”1″]M[/dropcap]an’s intervention is a tool for measuring the landscape and is identified in the element that has been built. The landscape that man conquers and makes his own through the use of his tools becomes of pivotal importance. It is by means of this form of control that he finds himself again and discovers how to dominate the fury of the land.

joIn this case it is not man, as Leonardo da Vinci stated, that respects strict geometrical rules, but rather it is his work that identifies the correct proportions of the landscape framed/depicted in the image.
The shots are designed through the close relationship between frames research and subjects, try to identify and emphasise symmetries and alignments.
In this way it starts a deep contrast between the speed of our contemporary way of life and the accuracy of the slow and balanced research based on an extreme geometrical precision.

Tech Details: Medium format pictures shot with a 120 film _ Mamiya 7 camera. All pictures were shot with a fixed lens (f = 43 mm, 1:4.5)

About the author:
Filippo Cavalli was born in Parma on June 6th, 1986. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture with honors in Parma in 2011. In Parma, he attended the Lenz theatre and realized some visual projects. He working as photographer with several figure like the international artist Marco Nereo Rotelli and the architectural magazine CASABELLA (casabellaLab). He works in his own atelier/studio spazio entropia (an experimental laboratory that welcomes and involves different cultural profession, from art to architecture, from visual design to photography).

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