Lior Sperandeo

Lior Sperandeo in an Israeli Visual Artist based in Europe. His base is just an address since he feels home everywhere. He is attracted by the marginalized, the “ugly”, the non-aesthetic to our western eyes. He will show us what we avoid of, recalling for mutual responsibility, solidarity and care for the other. He is […]

Human Hotel is a travel community founded by a social design studio based in Copenhagen. It brings together local artists, creative people and visionaires, who will host people from all over the world for an interesting travel experience.

It's 10:00 pm. We're driving off the highway that connects Cancun airport to the Riviera Maya, cuddled by a warm and salty ocean breeze - the way scattered by outstanding Five-star Resorts.

This research is about the alteration of nature and human geometry. Architecture and social behaviors change or influence the landscape, and become themselves a part of it. Human proportio is about man's attempt to change a wild and partially dangerous environment, through his vision of geometrical forms and rules. What emerges from this is the desire to create a "controlled" ...
crash, baggage

ith our magazine, we have been on line since 2007, and this year we celebrate our first 10 year anniversary. It’s a big step for us, something that without our readers we could not achieve! In 2015 we also have been able to realize something really important: our first print issue, a dream we have […]

The fantastic travel is the result of an in-between world: here and there. It express the difference between what we’re looking at and what we think we’re looking at. Maybe we are watching the projection of our thoughts.These images are neither real, neither imaginative. We are crossing two universe: inside and outside. A snapshot similar […]

These pictures were made during the first road trip of Maxwell Ross across the American West. He lived entirely in the Eastern United States, and he was surprised at how distinct the visual expressions of local culture were from place to place, especially in relation to the mostly homogeneous built environments of the East.  These […]

Website of Ludica Luz The Middle Empire – is a documentary project made by brazilian photographers Arthur Monteiro and Isabela Lyrio. During 6 months, in 2010 and 2012, they traveled through 30 chinese cities and villages, passing by ancient and modern comercial routes, megacities and remote lands. China is a superlative country. The most diverse […]

My project is the reflection of my own feelings I have experienced here. I travel a lot but Bali remains one of my favourite places, the place I want to get back again and again. Bali has an unique atmosphere, religion and culture, it’s completely  different world. World itself. Bali is a place people come […]

Text and Photos by Enrico Costantini “…Then only in the empty spaces, Death, walking very silently, Shall fear the glory of our faces Through all the dark infinity. So, clothed about with perfect love, The eternal end shall find us one, Alone above the Night, above The dust of the dead gods, alone.” When I […]