2 years with Crash Baggage.

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[dropcap type=”1″]W[/dropcap]ith our magazine, we have been on line since 2007, and this year we celebrate our first 10 year anniversary. It’s a big step for us, something that without our readers we could not achieve!

In 2015 we also have been able to realize something really important: our first print issue, a dream we have been cultivating for so long. Last February we presented in Venice our last issue, and we are pretty happy about it. Every new issue is something that makes us proud, to find new authors to publish, new photographers, new stories and talents from all around the world.

But without our friends, turn Positive into a print magazine it would be just a dream, and we think that now is the time to celebrate one of our main sponsors. Francesco Pavia is the creative director & owner of Crash Baggage, an innovative company which sells amazing design bags all around the world. What a perfect sponsor: as we share the same philosophy, we both love to travel and obviously we like to explore and find different travel solutions.

Our photographers for example are always around the world seeking new stories to deliver on paper and on print. And some of them now have a great friend while they travel: a new Crash Baggage. It’s important to trust a friend, but also when you travel you don’t want to worry about everything. When you put your stuff inside your luggage, you just want to think about your trip and not so much about anything else, freedom is cool, but to get it you have to be organized.

The crash baggage philosophy, “Handle without Care”, is the perfect explanation about this kind of lifestyle, the one we have. Be cool, relax and enjoy the trip. Even if your dog wants to bite your bag because it doesn’t want you to leave, just let him doing it.

Photo by Alessandro Simonetti

With our Crash Baggage we have been around the world: for example last November we have been around Texas to shoot a documentary and our Crash Baggage was the perfect travel buddy: we had so much technical equipment to carry, and thanks to our amazing bags we have always been feeling supersafe.

One important detail is that you just don’t want to feel safe, you also want to be cool. Crashbaggage is also about delivering to their customers a great design, because when you walk with your Crash Baggage you are different from the others, you are delivering a message. We still remember few police guys at the airport: once we had to pass the security check, few times they asked about our bag. They probably see thousands of bags everyday passing through the x-ray, but when they see a Crash Baggage, they think for sure “That’s different”. During our presentation we have been able to show one of their last project, a transparent Crash Baggage: it’s not a bag for everybody, but it’s for those people who are into sharing a philosophy not just on their social networks, but also walking on the streets.

[quote_box name=””]The question now it’s just about: why don’t you have a Crash Baggage? Just click here and find the one is perfect for you. We guarantee that it will be something you will use for ages.[/quote_box]


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