Babylon: London by night.


Babylon is a dream from which you never wake up like you never had that one? A dreadful nightmare you know is not real but your sleep is so heavy,so deep so delicious that you can’t just wake up. Marco’s project called Babylon consist in a series of double exposure on camera and/or photoshop about London’s nights.

The purpose of this project is to explore the “alienation” of the biggest city in U.K through the paradoxical influence between the “new”, busy, chaotic city is growing up and the quiet desperate feeling you may feel at night: chaos, industrial, trafficked frames and the people around mixed together to express a distorted view that (may) goes straight to the viewer as a punch.

About the author:
Marco Sconocchia is an Italian photographer based in London.He studied photography at Franco Balbis in Turin.

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