After being incouraged by John Lennon, Yoko Ono's younger sister Setsuko has been creating wonderful art and will exhibit in London in February.

Shane is a designer, photographer and illustrator based in London. He's worked with many brands in over 10 years of design. He also shoots photos on London streets, sharing them on his Instagram.

Tina Lilienthal teams up with Nordstrom x Nike for a unique collection of quartz crystal necklaces in a wide range of colours, for a women-only lifestyle shop, that blurs the line of fitness and fashion.

Today we focus on Northskull, a jewellery and accessories brand based in London, in particular on the "untitled" collection.

Have a look at Topshop's new interior design for the release of the second season of the world' series favourite series: Stranger Things.

From October 4 to December 9 at Olivier Malingue in London will take place the Panoptes Project by french artist Laurent Grasso.

From October 4 to 15 Britain's best film event comes across cinemas for the 61st BFI London Film Festival, a film event founded in 1933. The BFI is a registered charity governed by Royal Charter and chaired by Josh Berger.

Babylon is a dream from which you never wake up like you never had that one? A dreadful nightmare you know is not real but your sleep is so heavy,so deep so delicious that you can’t just wake up. Marco’s project called Babylon consist in a series of double exposure on camera and/or photoshop about […]

These images are part of an ongoing project, which intends to draw the relation between London and its intrinsic urban features. This is an attempt to understand how the geographical environment of London could play an influence in shaping the poetic visions of so many writers and artists, particularly during the Victorian Age. That period […]

Goodbye Utopia is a Project about a broken dream. Utopia is the name used for the new ‘’buildings of the future’’ build to get the working class a new home, throwing them into the future, it was the trial for a new city,a new social concept, a new Era, that was the intention at least, […]