Barbara Kruger Unveils Striking Solo Exhibition at Serpentine South

The Serpentine Gallery presents Barbara Kruger’s immersive solo exhibition in London from February 1st to March 17th, 2024.

Serpentine Gallery is announcing the forthcoming solo exhibition featuring the recent works of acclaimed American artist Barbara Kruger, set to captivate art enthusiasts at Serpentine South from February 1st to March 17th, 2024. The exhibition, aptly titled “Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.,” promises a visually immersive experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional art display.

Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.,(Installation view, 1 February – 17 March 2024, Serpentine South)

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Outernet Arts, the showcase will extend its reach beyond the gallery walls, venturing into the public domain. This strategic partnership aims to bring Kruger’s compelling art to a wider audience, enriching the cultural landscape of London.

The exhibition boasts a diverse collection of installations, dynamic visual works, and immersive soundscapes strategically placed throughout the Serpentine premises. From the interior of the building to the bookshop and exterior banners, even making its mark on electric taxis, the artistry will seamlessly blend with the surroundings. Particularly noteworthy are the large-scale wraparound screens at Outernet Arts, promising a multisensory encounter for attendees.

Adding a contemporary twist to her renowned oeuvre, Barbara Kruger, known for her ingenious blend of imagery and words, has embraced the creative realm of TikTok for the first time. This foray into the popular social media platform reflects the artist’s adaptability and willingness to explore new avenues of expression.

For Kruger, this exhibition marks a significant milestone – her first solo institutional show in London in over two decades, signifying a triumphant return to Serpentine. Notably, her previous engagement with the gallery was in 1994 as part of the dynamic group exhibition “Wall to Wall.”

Untitled (Taxis), 2024. Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You., 1 February – 17 March 2024, Serpentine South). Photo: George Darrell.

At the core of Kruger’s artistic philosophy lies an exploration of visual culture and image construction. Renowned for her skillful manipulation of imagery and language, she draws inspiration from the languages of advertising, graphic design, and magazines. Kruger’s art delves into the intricate dynamics of power, gender, class, and capital, offering a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary societal structures.

As the art world eagerly anticipates the unveiling of “Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.,” Barbara Kruger’s solo exhibition promises to leave an indelible mark on London’s cultural scene, inviting audiences to engage with art in new and meaningful ways.

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